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This Is EXTREME Commercial Financing Training !

 "Begin Earning And Income That Others Only Dream
About While Learn A Skill That Will Last A Lifetime"



                  Commercial Financing Basic Training Modules

Commercial Broker  Training - Selling Money

Commercial Broker  Training - Buying Money

bullet Introduction To Commercial Financing

Commercial Financing As A REAL Business

bullet Establishing  A Power Broker Mind Set
bullet Building A Solid Business  Foundation
bullet Positioning Yourself To Profit
bullet Building A Lender Vocabulary FIRST !
bullet Develop A Plan And A Map To Follow.
bullet What Every Lender Wants !
bullet How To Get Favor With Lenders
bullet Where To Locate Commercial Lenders
bullet How To Approach Commercial Lenders
bullet How To Interview Commercial Lenders
bullet How To Vette Commercial Lenders
bullet How To Test Commercial Lenders
bullet How To Choose The Right Lenders
bullet How To Negotiate With Lenders
bullet What To Negotiate With Lenders
bullet When To Negotiate With Lenders
bullet How To Protect Your Fees.
bullet How To Select The Right Loan Program
bullet Match Your Programs With Your Market
bullet Understanding Sellers, Buyers and Liars
bullet How  And Where To Locate Clients
bullet How To Qualify Clients
bullet How To Work With Unqualified Clients
bullet How To Qualify Properties
bullet How To Sell Your Services Like A Pro
bullet Getting To Your First Client IN 30 Days
bullet How To Build A REAL Consulting Business
bullet Pros And Cons Of Working With Brokers
bullet Building Residual Income Streams
bullet Putting Your Business On Auto Pilot
bullet Market Mastery Is Essential
bullet How To Build A Broker Network
bullet Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition
bullet 8 Week Debt Free System



bullet Introduction To Commercial Investing
bullet Acquisition Financing Techniques
bullet Buying Properties Or Making Money? Which?
bullet The $2 Million Dollar Limit Trap
bullet Establishing Your Investment Objectives
bullet Distress Property Investing Traps
bullet New Construction Financing Secrets
bullet Acquisition Financing Options
bullet Acquisition Rehab Financing
bullet Commercial Refinancing
bullet Where To Locate Wholesale Properties
bullet How And When To Work With Realtors
bullet Methods For Determining Property Values
bullet Cap Rates vs. Appraisals- Which Is Best!
bullet Understanding The LTV  And LTC Games !
bullet Structuring Cash Back Acquisitions
bullet Proper Underwriting Guidelines
bullet Making No Risk Offers
bullet The Truth about the "LOI's"
bullet How To Locate Your First Property
bullet Escrow Secrets
bullet Lenders as Equity Partners
bullet Developing A Niche Financing Program
bullet Getting To Your First Closing In 60 Days
bullet Pros And Cons Of Wholesaling
bullet The ABC Of Wholesaling
bullet How To Locate Property Buyers To Sell To
bullet Where To Locate Buyers
bullet The Art Of The Commercial Property Flip
bullet How To Flip Properties Locally In 30 Days
bullet The Inside Secret About Rehabbing
bullet The Perfect Property
bullet Getting Beyond Multi Family Investing
bullet How To Make Your First Million Dollars
bullet Discovering Your Place of Power!
bullet Where Should You Invest? Nationally Or Locally?
bullet The Easiest Properties To Finance

              Advanced Training Modules

Advance Consultant Training

Advance  Investor Training

bullet Building Your Brand And Your Business bullet Understanding Commercial Paper
bullet Essential Services You Must Offer bullet Determining The Value Commercial Paper
bullet Essential Services You Must Have bullet Where To Locate Commercial Paper
bullet How To Position Your Services bullet How To Finance Commercial Paper
bullet How To Promote Your Services bullet How To Flip Commercial Paper
bullet Taking Your Business Online bullet Some Paper Is Worthless
bullet How To Work With REITS bullet Property Management Secrets
bullet Developing And Building Your Business System bullet Structuring An Arbitrage Transaction

          Additional Resources Included

bullet Complete Lender Resource Directory bullet  Forms And Document Library
bullet Weekly Live Question And Answer Calls bullet Private Members Only Forum
bullet Joint Venture Opportunities bullet Deal Share Programs - "Limited Class Size"

                           Super Bonus- Effective April, 15, 2014
                        You Get All Of The Above PLUS:

 1- Fully functional Commercial Financing Corporate Authority Web Site installed and configured with over 65 pages of content, loan programs, loan applications, and everything needed to establish you as a creditable financier.

The site will be completely installed and configured for you. No technical works required on your part. You simply provide us with some basic information and our team will have your site installed in a couple of days.
 | Sample Site
Web Hosting Not Included!

WebSchool Training: We decided to integrate our web school training with our  commercial financing training to provide our members with a complete and comprehensive training platform. This training is included at no additional cost.

Deal Share Program: All of our members qualify for our "Deal Share" program once they have completed the core training. With this program we will assist you with securing financing for your projects by locating potential lenders for a portion of the fees. We provide this service because for some of our members, dealing with Clients, and Lenders is a bit overwhelming. With this program, we assist with 50% of the workload and function as an accountability partner. This service is available after the initial training is completed. 
You can not just submit projects to us. There is a process for doing this.

This Is Your Opportunity To Learn The Inside Secrets To Buying, Selling And Financing
Multi- Million Dollar Commercial Transactions!



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